I’m Just Bitter: 5 Ways To Get Over Bitterness


Are you that woman? You know, the woman that thinks ‘all men are dogs,’ walks around angry and skeptical of every man because of what the last man did, and the first one to jump up and say ‘I told you so’ if a friend’s relationship goes south? You know who we’re talking about…the bitter woman. The woman so consumed by the hurt of the past that she’s blocking the happiness for her future. Bad relationships happen to the best of us, they are an unfortunate part of life, but letting the experience take over your life to the point where you’re just bitter and angry at all men is simply not healthy. Here are 5 ways to shed the bitterness of yesterday and embrace the journey towards the happiness and love that awaits you.

Take Inventory
Sometimes when we go through nasty relationships we’re quick to blame the other person for the end of the ‘happy times.’ However a relationship takes two to start and two to end. Sure the man in your life at the time might have been a royal screw up, but what’s your ownership in the situation? Did you ignore some glaring red flags? Were you too clingy? Was he truly Mr. Right, or more like Mr. Right Now and you settled for it? Take some time to take a hard look at your behavior and actions in all your past relationships and make it a point to learn from your mistakes.

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