Jersey Shore Recap – Snooki Lies To Herself & Others

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Snooki has managed to create more drama for herself this season, than Sammi and Ronnie have from all previous seasons combined. Just when we thought she was finally over Jionni, she upped the craziness a few more notches.

Last week’s episode ended with Snooks in bed with Vinny and according to Pauly D, her head was bobbing up and down as she was gasping for air. If you recall, prior to the smush in question, Vinny asked her if she was drunk and she said no, but in last night’s episode she woke up claiming to “not remember” what happened between she and Vinny.

Confused (or in denial), Snooki woke Jenni up at 6:30am so that they could talk about it over breakfast. In Snooki’s account of events, she only made out with Vinny. She also revealed that she felt guilty about it and wanted to make amends with Jionni. Jenni’s perspective was that Snooki should just be single and hop off the Jionni drama train for good.


Mike decided to call his friend who was allegedly present while he and Snooki hooked up on that questionable summer night. He instructed said friend to call Jionni and let him know what happened. When word got back to Snooki, she spazzed out on Sitch. We have to admit, it was amusing watching her throw a champaign bottle at The Sitch but at the same time, that plus the fact that she “couldn’t remember” what happened with Vinny completely shattered her credibility (no pun intended).  

Moving on, the boys went to Sicily to visit Vinny’s family and had a blast while the girls went on a wine tasting tour but didn’t have fun because of…you guessed it…Snooki. All she kept talking about was the Jionni drama and how he was going to be mad at her about Vinny. She kept trying to convince herself and the other ladies that she didn’t sleep with Vinny, despite the fact that Deena and Pauly were in the room and stated otherwise based on what they saw and heard. Jenni was fed up and pretty much told Snooki to grow up, which resulted in Snooki accusing her of not being a friend. Note to Snooki: A true friend would tell you the truth, and that’s what Jenni actually did. They made up by the end of the episode so we think it’s safe to say that Snooki realizes that in hindsight.

Snooki called Jionni when they got back home and told him that she slept in the bed with Vinny and that they fooled around but that they didn’t have sex. She then begged him to take her back, which he obliged.

Later that night, she asked Vinny what exactly happened between them night and when she insisted that they just “cuddled,” he corrected her with, my d**k cuddled with your p**sy”(as if she really didn’t remember…side eye). So, she called Jionni back to deliver the news…

Sigh. We’re exhausted. We’ll have to see what happens next week, as if we don’t already know.

But anyway, was Jenni being a true friend?

Did Snooki really smush Mike?

Why is Snooki so hung up on Jionni anyway?