Julissa B. Confesses Her Celeb Crush, Fitness Routine + Working With Steve Madden


Who said it would be easy? Following your dreams that is. Julissa Bermudez refuses to give up and why should she? She’s young, beautiful and has had her share of ups and downs in T.V. land. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Queens, NY, this bubbly personality admits that she was a typical tomboy as a child. All she ever wanted to do was entertain her family. After 10 years of learning experiences, traveling the world and gracing our T.V. screens on some of the biggest networks, Julissa is still on her grind. I sat down with my old friend for dinner this past September, and we reminisced about how the last time we interviewed, the tables were turned and she was the interviewer as I sat on her BET couch. She was a sweetheart then, and she still is.

How long has it been since your days at BET, and were you able to maintain a decent relationship when it ended?
I want to say that was about 5 years ago. We just celebrated the 10-year anniversary of 106 & Park. They brought us back for a reunion, and that was just last year. BET has always embraced me as a family, so I’ve always looked at them as that. When I see Stephen Hill out or other personalities, whether its Rocsi or Terrence we embrace each other.

How old were you when you were on Telemundo?
I was just about to turn 19. I hosted a show called The Roof. It was live [for] 2 hours, and one of the first shows to put Reggaeton music and videos out there before it became “mainstream.” That was sort of the 106 & Park of Mun2/Telemundo. It was one of the first shows that ever premiered on Mun2 once NBC and Telemundo merged. Before they had a budget, I was there [Laughs].

Where have you been and when did you leave NY?
I’ve been touring around the globe. I’ve been shooting Kohl’s commercials in South Africa with one of my idols, Daisy Fuentes. I’ve been fist pumping at MTV interviewing the Jersey Shore crew. I’ve been grinding, it’s a never-ending hustle you know, and it’s always been love every time I see you.

So you’ve travelled to Africa, that’s a trip to take in your lifetime.
My goodness! I have never been to a more naturally beautiful place. I went to South Africa which is very different. Africa is such a huge continent with so many countries, and a lot of the images that are put out and portrayed of Africa are totally different than what you can actually go and experience. And this goes for all the countries that you just travel and visit. The perception is always different from your experience. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Within your experience in the industry, what can you say has been the craziest thing you had to deal with being a woman?
The craziest things really are the things that you read about yourself. If you’re photographed with somebody they automatically put you in a category or you’re dating or whatever. Those things always surprise me. I feel like if people only knew. It’s always the people that know the least about you that want to say the most about you.

Speaking of photos, there was one of you celebrating your birthday here in NYC with Maxwell. Is he that special someone?
He’s a friend. It’s the perfect example of how media loves to pin people together to make a story. I take a picture with someone and of course I’m automatically “dating” them.

Ok. Are you single?
I am SO single. Absolutely. It feels good. I’m in a good place in my life. Honestly, when you’re not looking, certain people walk into your path and walk into your life. You’re asking a Libra girl that loves love [Laughs]. Sometimes in life you have to surrender, and that’s just the circumstances, whether it’s the cards you’ve been dealt or just surrender to the things that are out of control. I feel that that comes with experiences.

So do you have any celebrity crushes?
It doesn’t even make sense to mention him. I just admire the fact that he can have the little swag that he does.

I love David Beckham. I know he’s taken, but he’s so hot. I’m from Queens, and I will say growing up I always had a liking to Nas. I think Nas has been a lot of girls’ crushes. Not so much crush at this point, but more or so David Beckham just surprises me. And as far as dating, I definitely want to diversify my portfolio. Just think outside the box a little.