Justin Bieber To Work With Kanye West and Drake on Next Album

Justin Bieber may have the pop music world on lock, but that doesn’t mean he won’t add some hip-hop flavor to his sound. The young singer recently revealed that he is working with Kanye West and Drake on new music for his next album.

“I’m working with a lot of cool people. I’m working with Kanye. Drake is gonna work on the album with me and a lot of different artists,’ the singer told Capital FM.

Not only has Bieber connected with Drake and Yeezy, but he’s met with Tyler, the Creator a few months ago. Tyler spoke with MTV about meeting the Biebster and the type of sound he’d want to create with him:

“I met Justin back in February. He’s a cool kid and shit,” Tyler told MTV News. “When I got in there, he was talkin’ about the ‘Yonkers’ video and shit. It was weird, because I was sitting here starstruck, like, ‘Oh, fuck, it’s Bieber. He’s asking me questions.’ I’m like, ‘Shut the fuck up so I can talk to you.‘ 

“I just want to make ’90s R&B, like break beats, hard drums with pretty chords and sh–,” Tyler said of the type of track he’d make for Justin. “I really want to do that. Like, I be listening to Brandy or the first three Mary J. [Blige] albums and sh– and Faith [Evans] and Zhané and sh–. That sh– is awesome.”

What do you think a record with Justin Bieber and Tyler, the Creator would sound like?