Kim Kardashian On Her Impending Divorce – ‘I Had Hoped This Marriage Was Forever…’


Earlier, TMZ and Keeping Up With The Kardashians executive producer, Ryan Seacrest confirmed that Kim K. would be fetching some divorce papers today to end her media-pimped marriage to 26-year-old NBA baller Kris Humphries. Now according to Global Grind, the reality star who reportedly made millions off her wedding filmed by E! has released a statement regarding the short-lived love. 

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.” 

Should we have seen this coming? Is Reggie Bush somewhere doing a victory dance? Let us know what you think about pop culture’s most unsurprising split.