King Of KING: Sean Malcolm Talks Butt Injections and What He’d Say To Hugh Hefner


Sean Malcolm has mastered the balance and technique of seeing beyond the beauty and body of a woman. The Flatbush, Brooklyn native holds a key that thousands of men would love to borrow. Holding down KING Magazine since ’02 as Editor-in-Chief is definitely an accomplishment. Having worked with vixens such as Melyssa Ford, Esther Baxter and Buffy the Body, he admits that he’s seen it all and confesses that he is jaded by it. “Dealing with females was my forte,” says Sean. After my King experience with him, I can say I agree. -Mashonda


MASHONDA:  How did you end up at KING?
SEAN: Early 2002. I looked at internships at all the magazines that I grew up with, including Vibe and XXL, but they weren’t responding to my emails. I ended up at a magazine stand and picked up the then, second issue of KING Magazine with Gabrielle Union on the cover. I emailed them my clips and portfolio and had an interview with Datwon Thomas and Patricia de Luca, who was the first managing editor. I didn’t have any published work, so I came to my interview with A-graded papers from college. When Datwon and I had our conversation, we realized that we had the same path. He had gone to Baruch College, and I was an undergrad there; he was involved with the radio station there as was I.  He was already feeling me at that point. The rest was history.

How do you feel about butt enhancements?
I think it’s very unfortunate that young women have to go that route in order to be seen or to get attention. They may have daddy issues or big insecurities. I recently met a potential model, she showed me her website and I could clearly see the difference from her old pictures and what she looks like now. She obviously had done some shots. I asked, ‘Why did you do that to yourself?’ Her response was simply, ‘I’m trying to stand out from everyone else.’ With what she just did, she locked herself in with everyone else. On top of that, when you are doing booty shots, it’s very dangerous. It’s not like breast implants where it’s in a baggie, and it doesn’t leak; you’re putting silicone on top of muscle.  It’s not safe and after a while it seeps down.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?
The craziest thing that involved KING was during a cover shoot. A cover girl got silicone booty shots hours before the shoot. During the setup, she laid on her stomach the entire time. No one understood why until it was time for her to shoot. When it came time to take her pictures, she wasn’t flexing or doing back shots. You would see the blood and the silicone seeping out of her buttocks. I saw the untouched pictures, and it’s the craziest thing I’ve heard a woman go through to be on the cover of a magazine. If you saw those pictures, you would throw up.