King Of KING: Sean Malcolm Talks Butt Injections and What He’d Say To Hugh Hefner


What do you look for in your model castings? What has to be a certain way?
Well, it’s really whatever strikes my interest. It’s not even physically; you have to know how to take a picture. I mean we’re selling sex. We might not be selling as much sex as Hugh Hefner, but were selling sex. If you cannot take a good picture that gives off that sexy sultriness, I can’t really rock with you, no matter how bad your body is.

If you had a conversation with Hugh Hefner, what would be the first thing you’d say to him?
I would want to know the infrastructure of his empire. I could care less about the girls that he’s had sex with. That doesn’t mean anything to me. He had an idea, he had a concept, he started it and through his perseverance and hard work, he made it grow to the empire that it is right now. I would want to learn how he built that. Trust me, the girls aren’t going anywhere. The money, the longevity and the notoriety, that’s what I’m out for.

Being that you lead a men’s magazine, what kind of trouble comes your way in your relationships?
I’ve been lucky enough that when I have been in relationships while doing this job, I haven’t met insecure women that are jealous of big booties and big breasts. If they’ve been insecure about anything, it’s been that I’m too focused on my job, and I don’t give them that much time. My ex’s feel they were the mistress and my job was the girlfriend.

Does your girlfriend have to look like a KING model ?
I’m pretty jaded by that look. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to be attracted to you, but you don’t have to be a Coca-Cola shape. It’s really all about the vibe that I get with you and the conversation that I have with you. I’m really big on the energy. If the energy is not there, then it’s not going to work out. You can be the baddest girl.

What’s the fear of the Black body?
Black women are more curvaceous than the average white woman, and that’s why you see more white women trying to get more Black features. Big butts, big lips, big breasts, you name it. I feel that the fear of Black beauty is why they shun it so much. You have curvy white women like Pamela Anderson, Scarlett Johansson, and it will be celebrated and [called] beautiful. Where you’ll have a curvy black woman who has the same type of poise and she gets labeled as “slutty.” I have a very big problem with that. That is a con that you will be stuck in a box that you are trying to get out of. And the colored women like Halle Berry and Zoe Zaldana who are huge in Hollywood don’t have the traditional black female bodies. I feel that’s why they are accepted.

Describe your perfect date.
I don’t care much about location, I could care less about food. As long as it involves thought provoking conversation then I’m good.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in this business is that communication is important. The baddest women, once they open their mouths you realize that they have nothing going on for themselves. I’ve learned to appreciate the personality more than the physical.