Laugh Out Loud Moment of the Day: Harry Belafonte Sleeps Through Live Television Interview


Harry Belafonte is a legend in the realms of film, music and social activism and his long and amazing career and no nonsense attitude call for total respect and praise. If I know one thing, it is that you do not poke fun at him. Well, until today.

Mr. Belafonte was featured on KBAK Eyewitness News (a Bakersfield, California station) for a 6am interview, discussing the new HBO documentary “Sing Your Song” based on his life. After the news anchor’s introduction and greeting, the camera cut to Harry Belafonte, but he seemed to be sleeping. Not “I dozed off while waiting for an interview to start at such an early time in the morning” sleep, but a “third layer of my dream Inception” kind of sleep. Mr. Belafonte does wear a hearing aid, which would have made it difficult for him to hear the news anchor, but even after a few very fitting “Day-O”s and several attempts to wake him up, he did not budge.

Was no one in the studio there with him? Was there no camera man who could have helped? Seems strange to me, but no less hilarious.

Harry Belafonte is much too cool and smooth to ever admit it and at 84 years old, he’s very much allowed, but this will still be a laugh out loud moment for the next few days.

See the video below.