Living En Vogue: Flare Please!


The season for bare legs is over, and it’s time to think about ways to dress up our lady pairs. Jeans, pants and leggings are our best friends once again. One of this Fall’s sexiest trends is flare pants. Yes, the bell-bottoms that we all put away a few years ago are back in the game.

It’s been close to a decade since flare pants were in style, but it seems as though these babies can’t be boxed away for too long. The chic, 70s-style pants hug your curves, balance your hips and provide you with a slimming look all while elongating your legs. It’s also a style that can be worn by many body types. Flare pants are gracing the shelves of retailers in corduroy, denim and cotton, designed with high-rise and low-rise waistlines. You can match them up with silk blouses, blazers and button downs and a great pair of wedges or chunky heels.

Take a break from the leggings and celebrate your legs with a set of flare pants! -Mashonda | |