Ludacris Wants You To ‘Get Your Facts Straight’ When It Comes To Justin Bieber…


Earlier this week DJ Premier gave Justin Bieber a bit of a side-eye when he said the tween star wasn’t allowed to partake in this year’s BET Awards Cypher due to an interesting request. According to Premier, Bieber wanted Ludacris to pen up his rhymes: “Justin Bieber asked if he could do the cypher. Everybody was worried that it might mess up the integrity of BET. So I said, ‘Yo, as long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit.’ But then we heard, ‘Oh, he wants Luda to write his rhyme.’  I was like ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no. If you ain’t writing your own rhyme you can’t do it.’ So Justin had to take a back seat. Write your own rhymes, honey.”

However, Luda, who collaborated with Bieber on the pop smash “Baby” took to his Twitter to deny that a request was ever made. 

“My Lil homie @justinbieber loves Hip Hop and at no point was I supposed to write his cypher flow. #getyafactsright”

DJ Premier followed suit and also backtracked on his statement a bit. 

“Spoke 2 @Ludacris & he witnessed Justin Beiber write his rhymes & that he can flow…he said he wasn’t s’posed to write 4 tha Cypher..”

Now as I said 2days ago, I can’t ban nobody, I just stress my honest opinion on aLL my s–t & the blog headings make it sound worse…”

“So shout to @Ludacris for givin’ me the correct info and I will continue to come wit dat raw s–t ! “B.A.P.”(BumpyandPreem) comin today!”

But that still doesn’t explain why Bieber didn’t partake in the rhymefest. If he had explained that the request was never made, wouldn’t there have still been room in the circle?