Mariah Carey Working With Jim Wright and Randy Jackson on New Album

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With the twins out the belly, Mariah Carey is now ready to hit the booth and put all effort towards an upcoming album. It has been confirmed that Mimi’s anticipated album will featured producers James “Big Jim” Wright and American Idol judge, Randy Jackson. Both producers have showed and proved on Mariah’s previous album The Emancipation of Mimi and Merry Christmas II.

Knowing that the post-pregnancy album is under the hot radar, Big Jim seems to be putting in a lot of work. Yesterday morning he took to Twitter to release some stress he seems to be enduring the process of putting together the album.

“Trying to sleep but can’t grrrrr.,” tweeted Wright. “Was in the studios late with Randy Jackson working on some Mariah Carey tracks.”

Mariah is also said to be hooking up with long-time collaborator Jermaine Dupri, which hopefully brings nostalgic ’90s jams to our ears. Speculation also danced around about Mariah dropping a gangsta joint with Uncle Murda, but it’s now cleared that she will be featured on one of his tracks instead of being the actually track holder. –Shabazz