Masters of Disguise: Celebrities Who Shop Incognito


Have you ever wondered who could be shopping next to you?

Michelle Obama caused a media frenzy last week after being spotted at a local Target incognito. Donning a gray baseball cap and a blue-green patterned blouse, the First Lady managed to slip through the store unnoticed until photographers captured her as she exited.

While the store’s patrons probably rolled their carts past her unaware, imagine their shock when the captured picture surfaced on the internet the following morning. As we reach for the box of Cheerios or the bottle of Neutrogena, Mrs. Obama or Halle Berry could be right next to us searching for a similar item.

While there’s a level of ease and normality knowing your favorite celebrity favors Whole Foods and Target as much as Fred Segal and Gucci, these victims of the 24-hour watchdog mentality of the paparazzi sometimes attempt to trek the streets unnoticed. Depending on the level of extremity (i.e. Michael Jackson), some disguises work, while others do not.

As farfetched as this occurrence may seem, it happens more than often. So the next time you find yourself at the local Target, take a closer look
at the person next to you eyeing the laundry detergent. You never know who it could be!

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