Method Man Explains Why He Wants To Distance Himself From Weed


For as long as hip-hop fans can remember, Method Man and weed, were as synonymous as Michael Jordan and basketball. However, as the longtime marijuana advocate phases into the next step of adulthood, it loooks like the green leaf is taking a backseat to the more important aspects of his life.

“I don’t want that every time you hear Method Man’s name you associate it with getting high or marijuana because there’s so much more to me than that. I’m not actually distancing myself from my marijuana culture people but it’s not in the forefront anymore, Method tells VIBE. “I got kids to raise, man. Plus it was never really that bad. It gets comes to a point where no matter where you go they’re always thinking you’re high. And I’m not always high. I mean right now I’m sober as a priest.”

Despite having just hit the road on the Smoker’s Club tour with Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T., Meth prefers to portray a less-stoned image these days. While not compleltely turning his back on America’s favorite herb, his children’s well being is the main reason the seasoned rapper wants to let other facets of his life and career to take over. He even appaluds the new generation of smokers.

“Wiz is going way out there with it. I applaud that cat big time too because he’s doing it his way and it’s his time now. Let him ride,” says Method Man. “It’s always going to be there whether it’s Wiz or Method Man or Redman, Big K.R.I.T. whoever. It’s always just going to be there. It’s recreational, baby. Do you know how many closeted weed smokers there are? They’re going to be coming out of the closet like gay men. I’m serious. Then we’re going to have these marches like the gay community did.”

Method Man actually the sees the world becoming more pot friendly as time goes on.

“We’re going to have these marches and we’re going to go out and get rights. Then they’re going to let weed heads get married together and all that crap. I’m telling you man. Modest society, the way the world is going right now, it’s a beautiful thing because there’s way more tolerance and there’s way more open-minded people out there. So that’s a beautiful thing when you’re an artist, you can always change and people have an open mind about things. I love the way the world is changing, right now. There’s a lot of bad things but I like to count the good things.”—MIkey Fresh