Mos Def On Dexter, Is This His Definitive Role?

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Have you been following Dexter this season? We’re only two episode’s in but it already seems like this season has potential. Mos Def made his debut last night as “Brother Sam.” Brother Sam is an ex-con (he was locked up for murder among other things) who, now released, claims to have found God. He runs a chop shop where he employs the dregs of society who need a second chance at life.

Dexter initially stalks Brother Sam, hoping to make his kill not believing his newly reformed persona, but then in a twist of fate it seemed that Brother Sam was telling the truth about his new path. Dexter remarked that he couldn’t tell whether Brother Sam was bluffing, crazy, or a true beliver. We’ll just have to watch and see.

But beyond the episode, what do you think of that role for Mos? We’ve seen him acting before but not like this! There’s something different this time. Mos seems to have immersed himself in this role moreso than any other role prior. Usually when Mos is acting you still see some of that Mos the rapper swag. But this time you see all of Brother Sam. Playing a possible sociopath is probably the hardest thing an actor can do. And for Mos’ character, we’re still being kept guessing because you don’t really know whether the character is a villain or not. So, bravo to Mos Def! So far so good.

Could this be his definitive role? Is this the one that could land him an Emmy nod or even an Oscar worthy role in a movie?

What did you think?