Name or Quality: The Pros and Cons of Buying Luxury Handbags


1. Owning a piece from a coveted brand with a rich history: As an avid fan of vintage Chanel, I know the value of the brand’s handbags. Designer names are so much more than just the piece itself. You are literally owning a piece of fashion history, as long as you manage to steer clear of pieces that are on trend and do not have lasting value.

2. Designer handbags are equated with status: Let’s face it: Rocking an expensive handbag gives people the impression that you have money. Perhaps not if you rock it with sweats and a sloppy ponytail. But when worn correctly, you are on par with celebrities and “It” girls worldwide, if only for a moment. Luxury handbags give us something to aspire to, even if we do have to save up  to reach our goal.

3. Supporting the craftsmanship of your favorite designers: Fashion is a business. Although there are a number of designers who don’t need our help, there are many who do. Without our support, many brands would fold and succumb to the recession. Buying luxury handbags is also a sign that you respect craftsmanship and quality.