NEW VIDEO: Kelly Rowland – “Down For Whatever”


Kelly Ro. is taking a page from Beyonce’s book and releasing yet another new video in the same month. This time it’s for the single “Down For Whatever” off her latest album, Here I Am.

Say what you want about her, but Kelly is actually winning this time around, believe it or not. Not only is she selling sex (took her a few years to figure the sh*t out), but with this track she is also catering to her ‘Money-making’ market — The UK.

If nothing else would secure her slot on the pop charts in Europe, this record will. The sexy dance track offers lyrics like “I’m down for whatever, I’m down for whatever when it comes to you I could make love on the floor”.

As straightforward as the lyrics are, Rowland can be spotted in one scene dressed in a skin-tight, zebra-print leotard, beaded Top hat, with a pair of ultra high-heels… leaving our mouths watering and wanting more.

Check out the sexy visuals here: