Nicki Minaj Performs ‘Super Bass’ With Her Biggest 8-Year-Old Fan

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Nicki Minaj’s Barbies comes in all shapes and sizes. One of her biggest supporters popped up on Youtube last week and blew people away, including the Head Barbie in Charge. 8-year-old Grace Brownie and her cousin Sophie racked up over 7-million hits on their performance of Nicki’s “Super Bass, which was also enough to catch Ellen’s attention.

Yesterday (Oct. 12), the girls were invited for what they thought was just a regular appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. However, after being introduced in front of a live studio audience, Nicki surprised the girls as she popped up from backstage.

“Within five seconds of seeing this video I was calling everyone I knew, and I was also receiving a billion emails,” explained Minaj. “Everyone was like, ‘you have to see this little girl’. She blew me away!”

Nicki joined the ecstatic girls for a live performance of  “Super Bass,” and left them with some sound advice.

‘Stay in school. Music  is beautiful but I want you to stay in school. Put your books FIRST and singing second’.
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