On To The Next One: 4 Ways To Deal With A Breakup


As hard as it is to believe, even the flyest of Vixens get let go by a loser in search of what he thinks will be the next best thing. With a calendar full of parties and game nights to have to face alone, it’s easy to get sucked into a “woe is me” mode. What’s a girl to do when she finds herself tossed to the side like last season’s Louis? Crawl under a rock? Gain 15lbs? Hell no! Life is simply too fabulous to go out like that. Just follow these handy tips, and before you know it, you’ll be back to yourself and on to the next one.

Cut Somethin’

Getting dumped can be a devastating experience, but why should you be the one shedding tears? He isn’t! Instead of crying and ruining your new eyelashes, grab a few old photos, cut ‘em up and have a confetti party with the pieces. Or grab those old shirts he left at your place and get to slicing! Get creative with it and make a cute t-shirt dress or headband from the scraps.