Peep This – Estelle Chats Rap Roots, Her love Of Maybach Music Group, More

HYPNOTIQ was on the set of Pynk Magazine’s cover shoot with Estelle and got some cool gems from the Brittish singer. In the video below she reveals her album date and chats about her rapping career and running her own record label before getting a major deal and switching up her style to incorporate more singing.

See below for some other snippets from HYPNOTIQ that weren’t caught on camera.

For those hating on her BET Cypher performance:

“Don’t be mad, you’re probably upset because I’ve got higher bars than you.”

Rappers on her radar:

I’m feeling all the MMG stuff. Meek Mills makes me excited for rap music, he makes me excited! The youth and the energy is coming back.

Hidden Talents:

I’m actually a photographer. I take pictures. I’ve done it for myself for a few years now. I studied it in college and I just picked up the camera again and got back to things that make me happy, while I was recording this album, and photography was one of them.