Phoenix Jones – Seattle’s Self-Appointed ‘Superhero’ Gets Arrested


Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s notorious self-styled superhero ended up behind bars after an altercation Sunday in Seattle.

The self-appointed vigilante, who dons a skintight black-and-gold rubber suit and mask, was arrested on four counts of assault after allegedly trying to break up a fight with pepper spray, the Seattle Police Department said. Watch the video:

According to the statement released on CNN, a group of men and women were leaving a downtown Seattle club at 2:32 a.m. Sunday and “were dancing and having a good time” when an “unknown adult male suspect came up from behind and pepper sprayed the group,” the statement said.

“He inserted himself and sprayed them with pepper spray,” Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson told CNN. Jones was arrested and charged with four counts of assault, Jamieson said.

However, Jones claimed he used the pepper spray only to break up a fight and to protect himself. “I would never hurt or harm another person if they were not causing harm to another human being,” read a message from Jones on his Facebook page.

Jones has been patrolling the streets of Seattle for about a year and sometimes with accomplices, often with a film crew in tow, looking for crime and generating international headlines.

It’s unclear how many, if any, crimes Jones has assisted police with. Police urge people to call 911 rather than take the law into their own hands, he added.

Jones made headlines a earlier in the year when he got a broken nose during one of his quests for justice.