Press Stop! 6 Rappers Who Should Never (Ever!) Make A Sex Tape


The Rapper: Lil Wayne

Why We Wouldn’t Be Surprised If He Had A Sex Tape: It feels like Weezy’s calmed down considerably in the last year or so—jail will do that to ya—but there was a period in his life where, if you believe everything Wayne raps about, he was getting it in with the opposite sex. Are we really supposed to believe that, in a promethazine-induced haze, he didn’t decide to pick up a camera at least once?

Why He Absolutely Should Not Make One: If you believe everything Weezy raps about, there are some things he digs in the bedroom that you definitely do not want to see! And after Kat Stacks’ reign, we already know the Young Money crew isn’t shy about, er, “sharing” their sexual experiences. With that said, there’s no telling who might pop up midway through rolling.

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