Q&A: Jason Newsome | VIBEVixen.com [via Kodak Boi]


Appearing in videos for Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and countless others… Jason Newsome was already a hit-maker with the ladies!

Since beating out the competition to win Tocaara’s love on TV One’s The Ultimate Merger, Newsome’s schedule has been jammed-packed with phone interviews and appearances. Everyone is curious about their relationship, and want to know more about the couple! Have they seen each other? Is it true love? Did Tocarra make the right choice?

Well, I had my chance to sit down with The Ultimate Merger winner this week to speak with him about Tocarra, his upcoming book deal, and I also got the scoop in regards to his past relationships, including the recent scandal with an “ex-lover”. Check it out!