Rave Review: Beyoncé Pulse


Fragrance is more than just a smell-good for me. It’s something more personal and completes the look that I’m executing. There are fragrances that I reach for when I want to feel girly, sophisticated, and Beyoncé Pulse  makes me feel like I can run the world.

The fragrance (don’t judge me) seems to get my pulse going and makes me feel invincible with its citrus but not-too-sweet smell. Beyoncé told the Associated Press:

“This is all about the citrus, but it also has the vanilla in the back. It is important for me for a fragrance not to smell like just one thing. I think women are interesting and I don’t like for it to be, ‘Ok, this smells like this.’ I  like for it to be something that brings out your inner beauty and your confidence and make you feel like you leave a long-lasting impression on someone.”

Well done, Beyoncé. Well done.

And it turns out, I’m not alone in feeling energized and ready to run the world. That’s exactly what Mama-to-be Beyoncé had in mind when creating the fragrance. Get a behind the scenes peek at her creating the campaign, the shape the bottle and why she loves it with the video below:


Pulse is in stores now! Will you try this perfume, Vixens?

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