Rick Ross Still Made It To Wingstop After Second Seizure

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Rick Ross is not the thinnest cat in the rap game and the news of his two seizures, though shocking, was not a surprise.

Considering that Ross’ obese frame is constantly put under a crazy amount of stress due to his tour schedules and what appears to be non- stop partying, complete with groupies, reefer and liqs. Ross is, clearly, no paragon of good health. His excessive lifestyle culminated in the form of two seizures, both occurring en route to Memphis for public appearances including a Wing Stop restaurant and the University of Memphis’s “Memphis Madness.”

One would think that if the first seizure didn’t encourage Ross to slow down and rest then the second round would cinch that situation. But no, as DJ Khaled tweeted a photo of the two at a Memphis Wing Stop restaurant last night (Oct. 16) with the caption “My brother ROZAY!! IS GOOD!!!,” meaning Ross had finally made it to Memphis–and most likely not on doctor’s orders. His former romantic interest Elise Neal even spoke about Ross’ situation, “I think they’re [Def Jam and Ross’s camp] pushing him too hard. They don’t think about him or his health, pushing him to do all these videos, pushing tours and shows’…’He is not 20 years old anymore…”

Regardless of the self-serving leeches which abound in many of these “rapper entourages,” the blame for these incidents largely rests on Ross’ shoulders. Though Ross has decided not to heed caution for now, folks can only hope that he will realize how serious this situation is and begin to properly look after his health before he joins the ranks of those like Big Pun who tragically died very young as a result of obesity and bad health. –Zoy Britton