Rihanna: “White People Want Me To Be A Role Model”


From Clutch–In the latest issue of British Vogue, Rihanna lets her blunt honesty take control as she talks about her life and the expectations that people have for her. She told the high fashion magazine that she is in no way trying to be a role model and people shouldn’t expect her to be.

“See, people – especially white people – they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and being a role model became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it. Look, God doesn’t give any more than you can handle. I had to get through a lot of ups and downs – big downs – and a lot of trial and error to get where I am now.”

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