Roc Nation Experiments With Technology For New Bridget Kelly EP


(via AllHipHop)

Rapper Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation will experiment with new technology, for the release of Bridget Kelly’s new EP.

Bridget Kelly’s new EP Every Girl, is being released through a new partnership with

The EP, which is being released on Bridget Kelly’s official website, will be distributed via Fileblaze’s secured, cloud-based file storage and streaming platform.

“Fileblaze was created to offer media professionals a robust file sharing and streaming system with a focus on piracy prevention,” Fileblaze’s CEO Chuck Baker told “Roc Nation was the first label to take full advantage of features to securely release their music.”

Fileblaze was launched on July 4, and has become one of the more popular filesharing sites for the music industry, by providing tools to store and share music.

Fileblaze also unveiled their new “Blaze Page” service, which is a customizable media folder for artists, executives and media professionals, allowing them to securely stream music video and images through a webpage.

Bridget Kelly’s new EP Every Girl can be heard at