Shia LaBeouf Gets Pummeled To The Ground During Bar Brawl (VIDEO)


We’re pretty sure Shia LaBeouf experienced a rough morning, not only is the Transformer nursing a mighty hangover, but he’s also recovering from a brutal fight outside a Vancouver bar.

Last night LaBeouf, who’s been known for badass behavior, was caught on camera taking part in a drunken brawl with a local in front of the pub, Cinema Public House. TMZ obtained the shocking footage of Shia getting punched numerous times in the head by a shirtless dude identified solely as “Mike.” According to RadarOnline an eyewitness explained how the altercation all began,  “[Shia] got into a confrontation with a couple of people. He took a few punches to the fact. He was obviously pretty intoxicated.” the bystander explained. 

This isn’t the first time Shia—who’s currently in Vancouver shooting the film The Company You Keep—has found himself intoxicated and at blows. Back in February he was cuffed after getting into a grapple at Mad Bull’s Tavern in California after being called a “fa–ot” by a patron. —Brittany Pierre

Watch the wild footage below: 

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