Should Draya’s Son Have Been a Topic For “Basketball Wives” Drama?


When it comes to today’s reality television craze, there is no doubt that millions of us find it entertaining. Every week we tune in to various shows to watch as a cast of characters air out their dirty laundry for big checks, big ratings and our amusement. We laugh and shake our heads as they argue with loved ones, go through relationship drama and b*itch slap each other across the globe. But how much should we really know, and what subjects are too real even for reality television?

On Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives: LA, Draya was confronted by Jackie, Laura and the rest of the “wives” crew about allegations of child abuse and neglect involving Draya’s young son. The cameras rolled as the women discussed the allegations amongst themselves before confronting Draya on the situation. Everyone was armed and ready to beat Draya into the ground over the discovery, but not one of these women, all of whom are mothers, thought about what affect airing this out on national television would have on the young boy. No one considered how Draya’s son would be affected when his friends, whose moms surely watch the show, get a hold of this alleged information and possibly use it to tease or ridicule him. No one thought of the innocent victim in all this.

By proxy, Draya’s son’s life is also fair game for the cameras and entertainment of the world. He had no choice in whether or not his mother wanted to put her life story on television for millions to see, but the fact still remains that he is involved. As a minor, he should be protected, if not by his mother then at least by the producers. During the confrontation everyone claimed to be “sick” about what was potentially done to the child, claimed to only care about this young allegedly victimized child, yet everyone involved was too consumed by drama and hate to step back and truly think what was best for the child. And again….they are all mothers! Mothers who would do anything to protect their child’s well being and privacy yet were so quick to throw another child’s privacy to the wolves all for the sake of drama and camera time. Of course it’s not all their fault. Draya had every right to turn to cameras and say she’s not discussing the issue on air and handle her scandal off screen, but she didn’t. She, too, threw her child to the wolves even though it may not have been her intention at the moment.

In any case, there really needs to be some filtering going on between producers and the cast to determine what situations and subjects are over the line.  Instead of rushing to simply put out a hot product, producers need to start focusing on putting out a quality product. Destroying a child’s privacy for the sake of ratings is not only unethical, but also on the very low end of the moral scale. We all like to be entertained, but sometimes we need to take a step back from the checks, the glitz and the 15 minutes of fame to look at the consequences of on-air actions. Some things are simply too deep and too real even for reality television… And the alleged abuse of a child with no voice is one of them.