Social Circle – Is Rihanna Worthy Of Becoming Beyoncé’s Future Successor?


From VIBE –We grabbed up some of the Internets most opinionated mouths to answer our VIBE’s office debate of the week… Is Rihanna worthy of becoming Beyonce’s future successor? Peep thoughts from our own Tracy GarraudKid Fury, Phil Annand (Madbury Club),Karen CivilFreshalinaPaul Cantor and Marcus Troy, then leave your own in the comments. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Fix ya face. Yes, as black female artists, Rihanna and Beyonce share the same contrasts as midnight and midday. For sure. But what these two kings both gun for is pop ubiquity– the one merit that binds them. Now, until America’s milf-to-be gets dulled with her own godliness, Rih won’t really eclipse Bey’s cloud of glory. Years of eminence have pretty much ziplocked that shit. It’s not so much that Bey will one day crown Rihanna—an awkward collaboration with two Hov verses would be more likely—but that the global tiara will just naturally waft onto Rih’s [insert color here] dome. Beyonce is a fucking beast. Only an imbecile would attempt to question that. Besides just being a truly outstanding performer, she rearranged our standards of beauty and helped women kindle up their autonomy. She owns a generation. Owns it. However, generations are just that, blocks of time. It’s inevitable that Bey’s passion for female self-rule would trickle down to just about every 20-something chick’s current state of ethos—sexual liberation. And guess who’s clutching the whips and chains on that?

VERDICT: Oh Nah Nah.
I’m quietly stanning for Rihanna these days. I still call her Curry Goat and dash in other necessary hints of shade, but her latest video and overall pop/rock trashiness are fantastic. However, Queen Beyoncé Golden Grace Mother of Time Knowles is not pop/rock trash. I don’t even understand the question. Beyoncé dominates these girls vocally, choreographically, weave-ally, and she drips swagu. Rihanna is worthy of being Patra’s successor…or maybe Courtney Love. We don’t even need to think about a successor for Beyoncé when she’s foxtrotting with a fetus. She’s fine.

All things considered in the greater musical galaxy, it seems like it’s time for Beyonce to gracefully fade from the spotlight. You’ve got to figure that eventually Jay-Z is going to start acting his age and give up the Throne for argyle Lacoste sweaters and weekend golf tournaments with Tiger Woods and Tavis Smiley sooner or later, and that Beyonce will be right behind him. Sadly, her departure leaves middle aged men with little more than her glorious memories on Youtube as she’ll be off raising a child that will inevitably become either Jesus Christ or Jamarcus Russel in terms of life accomplishments. Where does that leave us? With Rihanna more or less taking over the world.

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