Straight Outta Inglewood: Shawn Chrystopher Drops – Silent Films for the Blind!

After much anticipation, Shawn Chrys releases his latest EP, Silent Films for the Blind.  On the eve of the release, the West Coast MC kicked off the  “I Am Finally Famous Tour” in North Carolina alongside Cyhi The Prynce and headliner Big Sean. The Inglewood native told VIBE, “ I worked like crazy on this project…pouring my heart and soul into every beat and lyric. Silent Films for the Blind is my best work to date.”  

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1. Fade In
2. Scary Movie
3. Name on My Heart
4. Prom S***
5. Neiman Marcus Garvey
6. Need More Bass (feat. El Prez and Ashly)
7. Believe in Trust (feat. Zaire Koalo)
8. Champion (feat. Mann)
9. Ashes on My Macbook
10. Too Cold
11. Til We Get There (feat. Ashly)
12. **** With You (feat. BEeFF)
13. It’s My Time Now
14. The Credits

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher- Silent Films for the Blind