Taraji P. Henson Talks ‘Baby Boy’ And Why She’s Glad She Didn’t Win An Oscar


On Her Love Life & Relationship With Tyrese
“He’s like my brother, for real. That would just seem really weird for the two of us to suddenly get together.”

“I’m not looking right now, but I would like a man that knows how to be a man and not be a boy pretending to be a man. I need a guy that’s not enthralled by what I do. I want someone to fall in love with, not Taraji the actress, but Taraji the person.”

On her style icons:
I have always thought Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe had amazing style. The things they wore were timeless, and could transcend time.

On The Future
“When things start sagging and I don’t look the same, I would like to get into producing. To produce and direct is a lesson learned, and that is something that I would like to embark on further down the line. As for now, I want to continue to just play the game. I want my journey to be legendary. To have people study my work the way I studied Bette Davis would mean so much to me. God has a plan for me to be here, and I’m here to do just what it is that He will have me do.”