Teedra Speaks On Feeling ‘Left To The Side’ Sometimes In MMG (PG. 2)


Has Ross been supportive of your seclusion?
He told me he loved the last mixtape and that makes me believe he’s okay with it. I’m a girl so there for I’m not always in the mix of what they’re doing and I’m a singer. They always travel in the same circle whereas my hustle is in a different room. I hope it doesn’t bother him that I stick to myself, but I don’t think so.

Yeah if it was weird, a conversation would probably happen.
I just can’t wait to sit with him and let him hear what I put together. I think Rick is a dope coach who definitely gets you riled up and he’s really about the grind. That’s what I’m very excited about, that’s what I’m gearing myself for because his opinion matters to me. A lot of people’s opinions don’t matter to me but I respect his because he’s a music lover. I just really respect the diversity of the talent he’s brought on.

How do the rest of the guys feel about you being a girl in mostly male conglomerate?
Sometimes I feel like I’m off to the side, but I don’t think they think much of it cause I’m not the only girl, there’s also Audra [The Rapper]. I’m going to be in New York in a few weeks and it’s going to be the first time that me and Audra first meet each other, so we’re trying to make our conglomerate cause we’re the only two girls. And I know that Meek, Wale, Pill and Ross are really close. Being that I don’t have a penis, it’s really hard for me to be all up in that.

[Laughs] Yeah, I was wondering if Teedra Moses was a strip club lover.
I ain’t in no strip club girl, that’s what I’m saying. Not only am I a girl but I’m a grown woman, whereas when you’re really young you’ll be in the strip club too. I really don’t want to be all up in the strip club. My time with them is minimum which is cool but I feel respected and they treat me like a woman because I act like one. I don’t think they think much about it. Ross has a lifestyle that is his and I respect that and I can say this— that every time I’ve been in that man’s house his kids were there. He’s a good dude and anyone that works around him says the same. I’m cool nobody imposes [strip clubs] on me cause it’s clear that I’m not on that page.

Yeah, you come off far more reserved than that. 
I’m one of those artists I don’t want you to see, I want to be consistent and I try to do quality control. I really don’t let people listen to my records, I’m not the artist you come into the studio and I’m like ‘Oh, let me let you hear this!’ I turn the music off like, ‘What you want?’ I never really need people in my process.

Right, you’re more traditional like Beyonce as far as showing the process after the product. 

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