Teedra Speaks On Why Today’s Women Need Serious Help (PG. 3)


Right, you’re more traditional like Beyonce as far as showing the process after the product. 
And I love that. Speaking of her, I think she’s amazing and I’m so happy she’s pregnant. The other day I was reading people saying ‘Beyonce is copying someone else again [in her ‘Countdown’ video].’ I just want to say this, I think anyone that hates on Beyonce is really a disturbed human being. I mean you can not like her or whatever but to hate on this girl with all that she’s done? You have to respect the hustle. And if you do hate on this girl, you ain’t my kind of person. You’re disturbed.

I remember having to get over some jealousy issues with her when I was much younger [laughs].
Being jealous is okay, if you can say that you’re jealous and that’s why you’re hating, then I can fuck with you because you’re being honest. But if you’re just hating and you’re trying to sit here and act like the issue is not you… get the fuck out of here.

Appreciate that assurance, T! So going back to you, how’s your album been coming along?
I have a big deal with pleasing myself and it’s hard sometimes. So I went to LA and grabbed a bunch of great tracks and music from some wonderful musicians. My sound is evolving and it’s really just great hip-hop soul, My other one was really r&b soul, but this one is really hip-hop soul and I’m okay with that. When I made my last album my mother had just died and I was nostalgic to what I heard as a kid, now I’m making the music that I heard as an adult and a a woman. We’ve let hip-hop soul slip a little bit but I’m on it. I love it. 

What’s your definition of hip-hop soul?
I think that hip-hop soul is like a rawness, it’s not just in the sound it’s in the delivery of the vocals, it’s in the subject matter and writing style. I think Miguel did very well. It spans very broad. Broader than just what Mary did because it’s matured. I’m grown, I gotta talk about grown shit.  I really don’t want my music to be too abrasive but sometimes I want to rile you up and cut up all his shit. It’s according to the day and the mood. This album is called The Lioness because it’s really for women. I just want us to feel good, I really feel like the self-value of women is at an all-time low?

What makes you say that?
Because we don’t put value in ourselves, you look at any magazine and it’s ’10 Ways To Keep A Man,’ who the fuck is telling them how to keep me? How am I a priority? We bare children, but the value that we put on ourselves is ass and tits? Don’t get me wrong, I work on my ass and tits too because I like it to look good more for self-preservation, but the point is we put value on just that. And I think women are so much more… we’re mothers. But we’re at a low and willing to do anything for the  attention of a man. We’ll sleep with somebody’s husband, we’ll be the side chick, we’ll be the chick that’s engaged for twenty million years and never get married. I just need use to understand that we’re beautiful, no matter what we’ve been through. So don’t settle for what they give you. And that’s what  I’m trying to convey on the album.

Yeah it’s all about finding a balance. 
Exactly. We should be sexy, but still smart, loving and nurturing. You know who I think is fresh? I think LeBron James’ girlfriend is the freshest bitch on the planet.

Interesting. How so?
Because she’s simple. She’s not all over the place and like ‘I’m super Lebron James’ woman.’ I saw her in the club with shorts, a blazer and bun just dancing. I think people over look simplicity. Sometimes what’s so simple is just so beautiful. I don’t know this girl’s personality she could be a bitch, I don’t know, but what she represents to me, is the chick that was there when he first started, she got his kids, she ain’t tipping the media, she’s not tripping… I love that. 

Feels like you can connect with women really well. Have you considered going back to songwriting for others?
Right now I’m focused on me, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to writing for other people. When writing for people you strip a lot for yourself because it’s not your song. And I’m really an artist who wants to stay true to herself, when I was writing for people I felt like I was losing my chops trying to give people what they want instead of doing what I do. Yes I made a lot of money, but the money ain’t a major thing when I die I want my tombstone to say ‘She did it her way.’

Much respect for that. 
Thank you, I’m not the kind of person to be in this industry, I just happen to be in it. God gave me this talent and I asked him how was there a way for me to raise my kids. Their father was the main provider and he’s gone, he’s not providing anymore and I’m by myself. I’m really not a 9-5 person, I’m a hustler so I asked God to give me a way to help raise my children. I cried out and asked him for a way and he gave me this. He was just like. “Just be yourself and get that money” and I really need to stay true to that because that’s what he told me. 

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