T.I. Delivers New Track ‘I’m Flexin,’ Produced by Big K.R.I.T.


T.I. has been living in the studio since returning home from prison late last month. On his real first solo track in some time, Tip flexes everything he has with a little help from Big K.R.I.T.

“I wear stripes row, my Louis, ho, Akoo matchin’ my kicks, bitch Papparazzi everywhere I go, I got cameras all in my bidne’ I rep the town, hold it down, cruise all around in my old school My speaker loud and my reefer, too, I ain’t speakin’, bitch, do I know you? Feds want me back behind that wall, that’s the only place that I can’t go I’m focused, dog, and I ain’t wit’ that f-ck shit, think it sweet but it ain’t, doe I’m tried and true when I’m ridin’ through, I ain’t hidin’, they can just hate me My top is down and my pockets fat and my diamonds clearer than HD” – T.I.

Listen to T.I Ft Big K.R.I.T. “Im Flexin”