T.I. vs. Chelsea Lately (Round 2)


In T.I.‘s latest press move, he paid a visit to the ‘Chelsea Lately’ show. During his visit he chopped it up with Chelsea Handler about a variety of topics, including his prison stint, his first book ‘Power & Beauty,’ the alleged incident with Tiny in jail, stopping Diddy from the Ciroc and Grey Goose fight, and much more.

On The Jail Situation With Tiny

Chelsea: “I know there was a rumor that she gave you a handy-j in one of your visits but that’s not…that’s not true, right?

T.I.: “Completely rumored, alleged.”

On Stopping Diddy’s Ciroc Fight

Chelsea: “You’ve been a good influence on some people, you were hanging out with P. Diddy the other night, right? Didn’t you prevent him from getting into a fight?”

T.I.: “This is tough, man, this is tough. Yeah. I merely took the focus from something negative and brought it back to something positive.”

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