Tika Sumpter Dishes On Her Trek From Hollis To Hollywood


Who would you say your favorite designers are?
Of course the regulars: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, just their artistic craziness is amazing. Versace? Amazing. It’s beautiful art pieces to wear. I love Alice + Olivia [and] Tracy Reese. I love Giuseppe Zanotti shoes because they’re actually one of the high comfortable shoes. I kind of do everything. I go from one end of the spectrum to the next. It’s not like I’m only wearing, blah, blah, blah. I don’t care who I’m wearing, as long as I look good and feel comfortable.

What would be your everyday “I’m just wearing this to go to dinner with my girls” outfit?
I might do a cute, high-waisted H&M skirt or maybe some Giuseppe’s and a cute top from Alice + Olivia. That’s me. I don’t discriminate against what I where. I’m a Gemini, so one moment I might look like this hobo chic chick, [and] the next minute you might see me with this classic, dressy look. However I feel that day, that’s how I’m gonna dress. I’m a pretty neutral, natural kind of person, but it just depends on how I wake up in the morning.

What are some of your beauty must haves?
MAC foundation, for sure. Keri Lotion! I have 15 bottles under my sink. Anytime that’s going out, it’s time to get some more Keri. I use Neutrogena Face Wash. That and some Ambi products too.

Name three actors that you’d love to work with.
Cicely Tyson, for sure. She is one of the reasons I do what I do. Robert De Niro. I would also love to work with Thandie Newton or Viola Davis. Thandie in For Colored Girls, I’ve never seen her so gangster before. We always see her in a conservative or James Bond situation. I would love for her to play my sister. Viola Davis? I don’t have to say much. She’s fantastic.

What would be the dream role for you to tackle?
I would love to do a film like Angelina Jolie in Salt or something where I ran a sports team and just did not take anybody’s BS. Like, my father owns the sports team, but I run it. I wanna play something powerful with a bunch of dudes who are amazing actors and little old me comes out and tells them all off. [Laughs]

What are your upcoming projects?
I just did a small part in Act Like a Lady, Think Like Man, which was so fun. I got to work with Michael Ealy. He is so handsome and sweet and cute and all that good stuff! I’m working on music right now with an amazing producer-writer, and good things are about to happen. Of course, there are  some acting projects in the works, so I can’t really talk on those right now, but that’s what’s going on.

When can we expect the music to come?
Hopefully a single sooner than later, we’re working on it right now.