Tupac Sex Tape Makes It’s Way To The Public


Get ready to see the deceased in a whole new light. Online chatter says there’s a five-minute Tupac sex tape centered on the late rapper receiving oral pleasure from a chick at a party. 

According to TMZ, who claims they watched the NSFW flick, the tape was shot in 1991 and centers on ‘Pac swagging into a groupie-filled house party topless, with his pants flooding his ankles. The famed MC then chooses a jezebel and she drops to her knees to perform oral sex on him. As this is going on, ‘Pac gets his multi-task on, singing, wiggling, cocktail in one hand, blunt in another, all while embracing his boy Money B from Digital Underground and of course enjoying his free fellatio. 

The tape ends with ‘Pac looking like he’s ready to hit next base, however it’s unclear whether there’s a second film session. But all will be shown soon, as the owner plans to release his XXX findings.