Tyrese Reveals His Real Life Love Story Behind ‘Stay’


Singer/actor/author Tyrese recently sat down with ARTISTdirect for their “See The Music” series to explain how his single, “Stay,” was based on a true-life experience for him.

“Small, short but long story. I was dating this girl and she was complaining, ‘It’s all about you, and it should be about us and our relationship. You’re traveling, you’re busy, you’re focused on your career,’” he reveals. “And she used to say, ‘I appreciate you being focused and driven, but you have to make more time for us. Nothing wrong with going to a dinner and movie … The simple stuff.’”

Tyrese wrote the video treatment for the song, which ultimately reenacts exactly what happened with him and his then-girlfriend.

Open Invitation is due out on November 1st. –Connie Tang

Watch Tyrese’s Stay Music Video

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