Unmasking The Musician: Jean Shepherd Of Navegante


Having spent most of his years livin’ ‘la vida loca’, like many people you find from Miami, Jean Shepherd is on his way to becoming the next big thing in music.

Currently residing in New York, the singer — whose sound is closely compared to Cee-Lo and newcomers The Weeknd — along with his electro-Latin funk band, Navegante, have already found themselves, in a short amount of time, performing in various New York venues and collaborating on a list of projects and partnerships with a few trusty names.

Who can you find on that list, you ask? Young Chris, Donny Goines, and Artful Dodger are just a few names you’ll see on their resume!

Jean, backed by his band, is seemingly on the right track, right? Well yes, that’s what we said!

Now of course, breaking into the music industry is one thing! But breaking into it while still managing to navigate your future is an even more difficult task. Just ask Jean… he seems to know how tricky the music business is these days… but luckily for him, he is making sure he has total control over his.

I recently sat down with the singer, just before bumping into Beyonce, in a private office room at Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation building to discuss the infectious sound of Navegante’s music, what inspires them, their recent collab with Young Chris, as well as the group’s relationship with Artful Dodger.