V Exclusive – DJ Khaled Shares Conversation He Had With Rick Ross After Seizure Recovery


Earlier today fans received a scare from Rick Ross when it was reported that the big bawse had suffered a seizure while aboard a flight. The pilot made an emergency landing and for some time an unconscious Ross was not responding to CPR. It was breath-holding news for Ross’ entourage who crowded him in worry. But even those who weren’t a few feet from him felt the urgency.

Which was the case for Ross’ close friend and longtime collaborator DJ Khaled who got word of the MMG leader’s health online. “I got the news like everyone else did. But when I talked to him I didn’t ask him what happened. I didn’t ask him about specifics… I just told him, “Man, I love you. Are you okay?”, says Khaled. 

“And Ross was like “Man, you trippin… I’m good. He was like we got to get this album done, MMG, Powercircle, We The Best, let’s go!”

Khaled also made sure to note that Rozay “is doing great.” —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)