V Exclusive! Gangsta Boo Explains How She Got on ‘Throw It Up’ With Yelawolf and Eminem


If there’s one name consistently left “greatest female rapper” listsit’s Gangsta Boo. As an original member of Three Six Mafia, the Memphis native made a name for herself as one of the hardest female rappers in the mid 90’s.

Boo appeared on the first four Three Six Mafia albums and released three full length solo albums (Enquiring Minds (1998), Both Worlds *69 (2001), Enquiring Minds II (2003) under the crew’s tutelage. She left to pursue a solo career in 2000 and has gone on to work with the likes of T.I., Gucci Mane and Outkast.

With a string of mixtapes that kept her name in the trap, Memphis’ rap queen is ready take the world by storm all over again.

“It’s very club and very Gangsta Boo-ish,” the rapper tells VIBE of “Throw It Up,” a track she’s featured on from Yelawolf’s forthcoming debut album Radioactive, which also boasts a verse from Eminem.

“I brought them into my world. Big ups to Yelawolf for letting me just be myself. I didn’t have to jump in his zone. Even the way Eminem jumped on ithe jumped in our zone.”

The Will Power-produced track features Gangsta on the hook and verses from all three rappers. She credits producer Drumma Boy as the one who introduced her to Yelawolf, who was a longtime fan.

“It’s three different people on there that no one would even expect to work with each other,” Gangsta Boo tells VIBE. “That’s what hip-hop’s all about it.”

Boo says she hasn’t met Eminem just yet but reveals that the Detroit native shouts her out on the track.

Radioactive is due out on Nov 21st.

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