V Exclusive! Jahlil Beats Talks About Signing To Roc Nation and Meeting Jay-Z [Pg.2]


When did you meet Jay-Z?

It’s crazy, Jay actually had passed up a beat CD from me like 2 years before this; I tried to give him at Powerhouse show in Philly and he was like ‘nah I don’t want that.’ It was kind of crazy, when I signed I went into his office and ‘he’s like yo man im [feeling] your work man, let’s do this.’

Did you tell him about it? [Laughs]

I didn’t [because] I was just so excited that the situation was happening and he was excited and ready to work with me

Do you remember what he said to you the first time that you guys spoke?

He was just telling me to work, man. I remember we were having a toast and he was like, ‘yo, just don’t let this be the last toast.’ He was real cool, down to earth.

So as of now have you gotten a chance to work with any Roc Nation artists yet ?

I’ve actually been working with writers from Rihanna’s team. They had me at the writer’s camp in LA working on stuff for Rihanna, Willow Smith, Justin Bieber. I know Jay should be working on an album soon. I can’t say anything about that though.

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