V Exclusive! Jahlil Beats Talks About Signing To Roc Nation and Meeting Jay-Z

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VIBE first introduced the world to Chester, P.A. based producer Jahlil Beats back in March. Since then, the beat maker went on to rule the summer with Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” and most recently inked a publishing deal with Roc Nation. Read on for the full story on how Jahlil was inducted into the Roc dynasty.

VIBE: First and foremost, congrats homie! [Laughs] So how did Jahlil get signed to Roc Nation?

Jahlil Beats: A couple months ago I was offered a deal, an intern at Roc Nation hit me up on Twitter like he was blowing my timeline up so I finally got back to him and he’s like, ‘yea TyTy wants to get in touch with you, I’m at Roc Nation” so I sent him my number and he hit me up and had me come out to a meeting with TyTy and I played a few beats for him and then he asked me a little bit about myself like what did I produce, so I ran down the little list and when I said Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” and he said “well you need to do one with us.” That was pretty much it and then we got to all the paperwork.

Talk about a quick signing

[Laughs] had it on the hush for a minute.

At first when the intern hit you up, did you think it was a joke or something?

I wasn’t taking it seriously because I get a whole bunch of crazy stuff on Twitter so I wasn’t really paying him no mind but he was really pushing the issue so [I figured] I would take a shot in the dark and holler at him and I got signed to a publishing deal.

He really offered you the deal on the spot?

Right there but they had to get the paperwork because I was in a bidding war with two other labels. So we were just waiting until we got the contract in our favor and they worked out a great deal for me.

It seems like after you told TyTy about “Ima Boss,” everything changed for him; did he look at you kind of different like ‘ok, this is that dude’?

Yea it was crazy because I got a little relationship with Jay’s friend Emory and he was hitting me up like ‘yo im at dinner with Jay, man, were trying to get it, lets do it, we’re trying to find you.’

When did you meet Jay-Z?

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