V Premiere: Santell ‘Yes! (I Wanna Hear You Say)’


Jermaine Dupri first introduced this young Los Angeles-based crooner to the “Dance Floor,” but now the So So Def signee Santell mellows it down as he seductively demands to hear all the pretty ladies say “Yes!” Santell first linked up with JD when the 19-year-old songwriter/producer was discovered by one of Dupri’s in-house producers, leading up to his deal with So So Def last July.

On his new single, “Yes (I Wanna Hear You Say),” Santell sways the opposite sex as he gently lures them into his own freaky games. The light electrified synths allows for body rolls and two-steps to occur without hesitation

“Yes (I Wanna Hear You Say)” will be featured on Santell’s upcoming mixtape. –Shabazz

New Music: Santell – Yes! (I Wanna Hear You Say)