Vixen Chat: ANTM’s Jay Manuel Talks The “Half Tuck” Trend + 70’s Glam


To promote Playstation’s Uncharted 3 franchise, Jay Manuel highlighted a most often forgotten part about video games–the fashion. Alongside Kourtney Kardashian and journalist Ben Lyons, the designer/makeup artist hosted the Half Tuck Style Truck. What’s that, you ask? The “half tuck” is a fashion trend that has been blazing through Hollywood as many onlookers shy away. Nonetheless, we chatted with Jay to see just how and who can rock this new look. Ladies, don’t be shy! With women making their way to spin masculine styles, this “half tuck” look is for you too…

1. What is the “half tuck,” and who is wearing it?
I’ve personally been rocking the “half tuck” since high school. You can half tuck your button down shirt, t-shit or Henley and layer it with a vest, sweater or leather jacket. Needless to say, the Uncharted 3 character Nathan Drake has the “half tuck” as his signature style! He’s a guy’s guy and looks like he belongs in the pages of Details Magazine! With all iconic characters, for example… where would Indiana Jones be without his Fedora and whip or Laura Croft without her short shorts and tank top? Drake’s look is very appealing and most guys will naturally adopt his ease of style.

2. Is this is a style that both men and women can wear?
Both women and men can absolutely rock the half tuck! Celebrities from David Beckham, Jack Gyllenhall to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are all sporting this confident relaxed style of wearing clothes. Take a look at all the fall 2011 campaigns from Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana and see these designer are bringing this cool street style to the runways.  Ralph Lauren once said that, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘When Polo players stepped off their horses they tended to pull the shirttail from their pants and created what we like to call the “preppy half-tuck,” a state of relaxed elegance.’  The rest was history. People have been sporting the look ever since. It allows a person to show their flare for fashion and show off their belt buckle and accessories.

3. Fall beauty and fashion trends that you’re excited for? 
I’m really excited that the glam from the ’70s is back! So many designers are embracing color blocking that will take the drab out of winter.  Plus, the universally flattering wide-leg trouser is back–not the bell–which is fantastic because not everyone can wear a skinny pant!

4. What are you involved in currently outside of ANTM?
I recently launched my first women’s collection including sportswear, outerwear, handbags and accessories at LG Fashion Week in Toronto this past March.  The brand is called ATTITUDE Jay Manuel and the Fall 2011 Collection can be currently found in Sears Canada. I’m [also] in the midst of preparing my Spring/Summer 2012 fashion.


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