Vixen Chat: Bridget Kelly Talks “Marvin’s Room” Moments, Her Beauty Regimen + Must-Haves


You don’t always have to put things in your ears when you’re performing?
You’ll be surprised [that] I don’t actually use that. When I have my hair done and my bangs, I don’t have to wear them [because] you can’t really see my ears. Earrings just get in the way, but I love watches, shoes and sneakers. I like to combine different things to be comfortable in.

What’s your beauty must-haves?
I love bronzers, and I’m actually into nude lips and heavy eyes. I wear my hair down a lot, so if I wear gloss, my hair gets in the way. Sometimes I forget that I have lipstick on. I’ll wipe my mouth, and it gets all over my cheeks, and I look like the joker. [Laughs] I love NARS products, I love Bobbi Brown stuff and I’m big on the natural things. Every time I go to a new hotel, my skin breaks out from the sheets and pillows, so I switch my foundation sometimes. Neutrogena has a new one, and I switch off with that.

Do you have a moisturizer regimen?
My face goes from dry to oily consistently. I like Cetaphil moisturizer for my face, and there’s also an Olay moisturizer that I love for my face. I also use a foaming face wash. And depending how stressful my week has been, I use the St. Ives Apricot scrub.

You’re 25 now. What would you tell your 20-year-old self if you could sit down with her? what would you tell her about love and life?
That’s a tough one. I would remind myself that it’s not all about me, that there are more important things than just accomplishments like relationships and [loyalty]. Understand your worth and the worth of your words because I was just running my mouth and going crazy.

You’re supposed to be crazy and make mistakes when you’re 20!
I wasn’t legally allowed to do what I was doing. [Laughs]

So you were a bit of a wild child?
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