Vixen Chat: Gabourey Sidibe Talks “Tower Heist,” Laughs At First Film Role


Gabourey Sidibe is back and packing a hilarious punch alongside Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Casey Affleck in Tower Heist. Since first being introduced through her Grammy-nominated lead role in Precious, the actress has apparently been rubbing elbows with the right people. Landing in the Brett Ratner-produced film, Gabby gets to show another side of her acting skill set. Surprising? Not at all. VV caught up with her following the film’s screening (go see it!) and the über confident actress dished on working with Eddie Murphy and being able to do the best thing as a person–laugh at yourself -Niki McGloster

This is your second feature film. Tell me how it was working with this all-star cast.
It certainly was intimidating. I have this weird knack for working with people that I idolize and people who are huge, industry giants, so it’s a blessing but incredibly scary. It’s strange to kind of fathom that I belong in this film with these people so it was really scary jumping in.

Were you nervous meeting anyone in particular? You had a few scenes with Eddie Murphy and how that was?
That was probably the scariest part for me. I remember for weeks in advance I was kind of fretting to all of my friends about these scenes I have to flirt with Eddie, and what he it would be like. I was genuinely worried about it; I was worried about fitting in because I think I’m really funny by myself in my bedroom. [Laughs] I make myself laugh all the time, but am I really funny standing next to Eddie Murphy?

How do you feel about people seeing this funny side of you on screen?
I guess it’s a little bit of a 180 from Precious, but I laugh every time I see Precious. Inappropriately, in fact.

That movie is hella funny. If you didn’t laugh, I don’t know what movie you were watching. But it was a fun experience I probably laugh because I’m an inappropriate person.