Vixen Exclusive: Yandy Smith Talks “Love & Hip-Hop 2″ Debut + Everything Girls Love Accessories


Kimbella mentioned you two as friends in an interview with Vixen.
I first met Kim at a concert; Juelz brought her. I was skeptical at first because Juelz is like my brother. I’m very over-protective of him, so I had to get to know her first. But once I got to know her and saw the type of woman she was, she was way more than what meets the eye. She’s a great mom, very compassionate, good-hearted, and I just took a very strong liking to her. Then, she moved up to New York and didn’t know anybody, so I had to show her around, take her out, and help her out with her new baby. We grew very close from that.

With the reports swirling around about Kimbella and altercations between certain cast members, how do you feel about it?
As far as the Fab situation, everyone has a past. There was a time when we all have been single and, I don’t think that should matter if we were single. It wasn’t even worth bringing up. Even if [Kimbella] did date [Fab], that’s not a bad thing. He’s a good-looking dude. I don’t see the hurt or harm, especially if she didn’t know he had a prior situation. As far as if someone attacking her, that would be hard for any friend to see or deal with, and of course you’d want to protect your friend. I’m just a peacemaker all around. I hate drama, cattiness and foolishness, so being in the middle of it, I’m like, Oh my gosh. I have to stop this. I have to make this right. That’s the part where I get caught up in the show.

Tell me about your accessories brand.
Everything Girls Love was started when I found out I got casted for the show. I looked at the ratings, how often it’s played, the viewership, and thought, People lie, but numbers don’t lie. I’m going to start something. I don’t know what it is yet, but this is a commercial platform for whatever I’m starting. I looked around my room and saw all of the accessory trees and jewelry boxes and realized that I was going to do accessories. I had a friend who worked at Saks or Bergdorf Goodman in the accessories department, so I asked for her help and made her my partner. We came up with designs, went to Japan, ordered samples, came back and I loved every single thing! I started doing this three months before the show, and it just kept expanding into loungewear and makeup.

Right now it’s starting out as a jewelry line, but we’re getting back samples of the loungewear and the nail polish now. We’re moving. So why not advertise it once a week, four times a day for 10 weeks? Why not! I’m not putting limitations on anything I do. Today at the taping, they asked me is management the end-all-be-all to everything I do? I said, ‘No.’ I’m not putting limitations at anything at all.

See the supertrailer for Love & Hip Hop 2 here!

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