Vixen of the Day: Jessica Burney


Name: Jessica Burney
Age: 26
Location: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Nursing
Style: Natural bombshell
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: MAC lipgloss Even if I’m in a hurry, a little lipgloss goes a long way and can complete any look!
Inspired By: Vanessa Williams — she is a classic beauty queen who wasn’t afraid to be herself; Nia Long — even being pregnant, she is so comfortable in her own skin. True beauty; and my sister Erika — not only is she gorgeous but she works hard and is an independent woman.

A Vixen is…
I’ve recently gotten married and I’ve never felt more beautiful and alive. I feel so secure and confident in my life and I can tell it excuberates through to others. I fully embrace myself, inside and out, which helps others do the same.