Vixen’s Guide to Dating in the Digital Age


2a) DO NOT connect with a potential boo on social media: If you meet on the street, DO NOT connect via tweets (or any other social media outlet). In the beginning, dating is about mystery and getting to know each other through CONVERSATION. Sure, you can’t help if someone Googles you, but don’t give them access to your whole life before you’ve even had the chance to go out on a date. Allowing someone into your social media circle makes it even more difficult and awkward to 1) vent about your dates (isn’t this the fun part?), and 2) stop seeing each other. If you don’t connect in the first place, disconnecting is THAT much easier.

2b). Watch your mouth: If you meet your boo digitally you’ll have to be smart about what you say online. When things are great we have a tendency to share how happy we are and just how wonderful our boo is, but when ish goes wrong…well, you’ve seen enough “F*ck that ____ ” tweets and Facebook statuses to see how quickly it can get ugly. If you and your potential are already digitally connected then you’ll have to keep a little to yourself, or become very proficient in the art of subtweeting. Assign your boo a nickname and NEVER, EVER let on who you’re really talking about.

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